Thursday, May 29, 2008

Molly's Training Update

Training your dog is a fun and stimulating activity for them, as long as there is always a reward involved. I reward Molly with anything small and bite sized, such as cut up hot dogs, puppy bones, or cheese. It is important to train your dog in short sessions, full of lots of treats and encouragement, and followed by a play session. Molly has already learned sit, stay, lay down, and shake a paw. She is a fast learner and we are always practicing and looking for new tricks to learn. Today I came across this website with a how-to video on training tricks. Just simple tricks, such as shake a paw, wave!!, and rollover. Molly pretty much has shake a paw down pat, so we tried wave, but I think that one will take us a while to master.... but she learned roll over right away!! Practice makes perfect!!
Molly still isn't enjoying the crate so much.... after learning how to escape it, she is obsessed with trying to get out. So I need to keep her busy now when I leave her in there. I find that a KONG toy keeps her occupied long enough to forget about being left alone. I like to stuff it full of any of her favourites: treats, wet dog food, fruit, hot dogs, yogurt, and peanut butter keeps her woking away at it for a long time, and offers her a continuous reward.
As long as you keep it positive, training your dog will pay off in the long run with a happy, obedient companion.

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