Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dragonfly Season

While out walking today, I saw my first dragonfly of the season. A sure sign of summer! There are more dragonflies up here than I have seen anywhere else in Ontario. I am always so intrigued by these little flying carnivores, and throughout the years have learned some pretty interesting things about them:

- dragonflies got their name because of their huge jaws that they use to eat other insects including bumblebees and butterflies!
- they have been around since before dinosaurs and at one time had a wingspan of 28 inches
- adults lay their eggs in water and these eggs later hatch as nymphs. Nymphs live underwater for up to 3 years, and then their skin breaks open and an adult dragonfly emerges. Adult dragonflies live for only a matter of months.

I once saw a dragonfly coming out of the nymph, it was one of the craziest things I have ever seen! The nymph was so ugly and prehistoric looking and then this beautiful dragonfly emerged. I hope to get some dragonfly pictures of my own this summer.

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