Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wedding Do's and Don'ts

I have a few good friends who are getting married within the next year or so. Recently, we were looking at wedding pictures and commenting on them in our usual crude sarcastic manner, and I began to make a list of rules for WHEN my friend gets married. Well, instead of a list, I am going to post some pictures for you of wedding DON'TS!!!
This one's for you. And you know who you are ;)

Rule #1 (THE rule): the bride CANNOT wear sunglasses. At all.

No matter how crazy the after-party gets, the bride may NOT attempt a kegstand.Under NO circumstances is it ok for you, or anyone at your wedding, to wear cammo.

No matter how awesome the idea sounds, you cannot have a cake made in the likeness of you.

You cannot let your groom get wasted

You cannot let your flower girl decorate your cake

No cake fights (so tacky)

And finally, if one of your bridesmaid's is pregnant, you cannot force her to wear a dress that she doesn't feel comfortable in.

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