Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Flowerbed!

Mom and Dad are up for the weekend and they brought the best housewarming gift we could ask for- perennials and free installation!! After over 26 mm. of rain yesterday, we were rarin' to go today and git'r'done!!!
Here is all the flowers and soil, ready to go. Some of the flowers are from Vanderwees Greenhouse in Thunder Bay and some are right from my parents' gardens!

The first thing we did was lay out garden hose to determine where we wanted the "edge" to be. We decided on an irregular shape- nothing too formal looking. Next, Dad put his tough looking boots to use to cut out the grass.

We loaded up all the grass and hauled it away, then picked any big rocks out.

Next, we put plastic edging all the way around the dirt. This keeps the grass from growing in on your plants.

Next, we laid out the bags of topsoil and then spread it out evenly. 10 bags were just enough for this 3ft x 11ft. bed.

Now the fun part- deciding which plants go where! We put the tall plants (or the ones that will be tall eventually) at the back and the lower ones at the front.

And one by one, we planted each flower.

Finally- the finished product!! It will fill in over time, or we can always add another plant here or there.
Below, my favourite flower- the Foxglove. Unfortunately it's a Biennial so I will have to enjoy these blooms while they last!
Thanks, Mom and Dad! I love it and will enjoy it for years to come!!

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