Monday, July 20, 2009

The Search for the Perfect Duvet Cover...

OK, I really want a new duvet cover! Something a bit more light and calming than what we have had for the past couple years.
Here is our bed now (LOVING the new box spring by the way- totally beats sleeping on the floor!)I have been surfing for ideas and here's what I came up with so far- I seem to be drawn to soft neutrals or whites, and nothing too modern or trendy. One accent wall in our bedroom is a sage green colour, the rest are white, and the bed frame is wood- as you can see.

This first style is from IKEA. Not sure if the colour is right but I love the pattern!This colour would go really well in our room.

I am a sucker for paisley! This next set is made by Nautica, but it might have too much blue for my liking.

What can I say, it's an obsession! this set below is from Williams-Sonoma Home.

Or I could just be boring and go with clean, classic white.
Pros: easy to clean (Bleach if needed), can accessorize with different throws, pillows, etc.
Cons: Black dog hairs would show reallly easily! too boring!(?)

What do you think?? Any other ideas?


Kristi W. said...

Hi, found your blog through the Young House Love facebook page. :)
I love the Williams-Sonoma Home set for that room. Especially with the white sheets!

KellyB said...

thanks Kristi! I decided on something else for the duvet.. I will post pictures soon! Thanks for reading!