Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!

I'm back after a short hiatus involving a trip to Thunder Bay for one of my best friend's Bachelorette. Lets just say there was a falic cake, bull riding, and a biker bar involved... soo much fun!!
I also managed to squeeze in some shopping while there (naturally), and my new favourite store is definitely HomeSense!!
Here are some of my best buys from the trip.... also too boring to show: white bathrug, floofy new pillows for Ben and I, a garden hose reel that leaks like craaaazy (and is being returned), soy sauce, curry paste, and dog food!! HAHA.
Anyways- on to the good stuff!
First off- tomato plants that my dad lovingly started from seed! I better not kill them! I put them in the sunniest spot in my yard (basically in the middle of the backyard) and they seem to be doing fine... so far!

Next- some pretty Delphiniums my mom bought for me at the greenhouse. Both her and my dad are coming up here August long weekend with a trunk full of perennials and we are going to make a new flower bed out front for them! I'm really excited!

Below, a herb planter that my mom put together for me, don't you just love how it sits on the railing?! Now if I only knew some recipes that used fresh herbs. At least they are a nice smell at the front door!
I picked up these Adirondack chairs from Canadian Tire for under $20 each. Always looking for a bargain! They will be put to better use once we build a deck.

Molly showing off my new outdoor mat, and beautifully practicing "stay" :)

Love love LOVE this purse from Walmart... another bargain at $10!

And the mother of all bargains- a FREE handmade desk courtesy of Kijiji!!! Its a bit wobbly so we will have to add another crossbeam at the back. But hey, the price was right! And it almost completes our office- only thing left to do is hang artwork and Uni degrees!

Cute laundry hamper from Home Outfitters- looks kinda retro but I love that the liner is removable!
And now for the not-so-great buy of the trip, a pair of microvelvet chairs from HomeSense. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but as soon as we got them in the house we knew they weren't the right "fit". They are going back, and the hunt continues! (Something with arms as per Ben's instructions!)

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