Sunday, June 28, 2009

All moved in!

We are officially all moved in to the new house!!! Here is the "finished product"- the living room/ dining area. The futon is a bit too big for this space so we are moving it upstairs to the guest room.
Bad news.... our boxspring doesn't fit up the stairs :( so we had to shell out $300 for a split boxspring! Luckily we were able to sell the old one and get it out of our way!

As you can see... Molly is feeling quite comfy in her new home... Did you know she's a Redwings fan!? ;)

It really started to feel like home when we had our first Pizza Night here.... it's a weekly tradition for us!

We have all our art up on the walls now- the finishing touch!

Lastly- the scary basement for those who are interested! A good place to store all our extra "stuff"!

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