Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One day closer to moving in....

Some pics from today! Everything is slowly starting to take shape!

The living room. Our 2 couches will go against each wall, and our TV will go in the right hand corner beside the window. Molly's bed will go upstairs and some other stuff will get shuffled around too... a work in progress!

We got our first parcel at the house today.... Molly's dog bed from Orvis. It looks great- has a nice washable cover, and foam beads inside so its all squishy. She doesn't seem to be too sold on it yet though!

Ben and I are both big Tragically Hip fans. Doesn't this poster fit perfectly here!?

These prints came from an Inuit art calendar. The oranges really pop in our kitchen. we are going to hang them above the stove.

This is what will soon be the office.... what a mess! Once we get some shelving in here it should hopefully be less of a disaster....

Molly relaxing in the yard :)

Look what I found! Some Tiger Lilies! They are overgrown with other weeds but do look like they are about to bloom :)

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