Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pics of our house!!!

here is Random mishmash of pics from the house... so far!!
I just LOVE this shelving at the top of the stairs. Otherwise it would be wasted space. Instead of cluttering it up with storage, I am displaying our favourite books and collections. I added the mirror behind the lowest shelf for some fun and depth. Now I think all 3 shelves should have one!Also love the pretty details like the old fashioned glass doorknobs!
Molly scoping out the neighbourhood
"Mom, where's all the furniture!?"
Back porch. I think it needs some planters to liven it up!
backyard. So much grass!
We have lilacs!!!
Now for my least favourite part of the house.... the bathroom!!! Gold- flecked tileboard on the walls, the monstrosity of a medicine cabinet, and those purple cabinets.... UGH!
At least the tub surround is new. What do you think of my new shower curtain?? Love it or hate it?
The empty living room (looking from the kitchen)
The kitchen. Still unsure about the orange.
Front porch. Starting to look like a home!!

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